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Cayla Roberts

We are happy to introduce our very own Cayla Roberts in our latest Trifecta dancer exposé. Cayla teaches Modern and Jazz at the studio, as well as performs with our Trifecta Dance Collective Company. We asked Cayla what first got her interested in dance.

“I first started dancing because my mom was helping a lady through our church with

costumes for the dance studio she worked at. When my mom took me with her, I wanted to be a part of it all too,” said Cayla. She started dancing at the age of five in a small town studio in Ohio, the only place within an hour of her home that offered dance lessons. The long distance from classes did not stop her from quickly falling in love with the art. She started demonstrating for classes at the age of 10, and teaching the youngest level classes when she was 15. “I love teaching the small tots still to this day because it's what I started with,” said Cayla.

Cayla said she knew she wanted to dance professionally at the age of 15, when she started taking on leadership roles at the studio. Pursuing a career in dance seemed the perfect plan to her. “With everyone asking me what I wanted to do, I had no other answer than dance,” said Cayla. “It's all I wanted (for my future).” Cayla earned her B.F.A. in Dance from Wright State University. It was in these college years, she said, that her eyes were opened to the other styles and worlds of dance. She performed in musicals and department showcases, gaining dance experience and a taste of the atmosphere of the professional world.

When picking out a career path, it can be difficult wondering if you've made the right decision, especially in a physically demanding and passion-driven profession like dance. “I remember having a guest teacher come in and do a class… one of the things they said to us was, ‘Think of what you would have done if it wasn't dance.’ They then followed with, ‘If you just thought of something else then leave and go do that.’,” recalls Cayla. She said as she wracked her brains, she realized how much she did want to dance for a career. “It's not easy, but i still couldn't see myself in the medical field or in an office." Dance has allowed her to follow her passions as a career.

“One of the most rewarding parts of working with young dancers is being there for their ups and downs, and knowing you've been there before too,” said Cayla. At DMA, she has the lucky job of watching the students grow into mature dancers and people.

Cayla said that while she does not get nervous to go on stage herself, she finds herself feeling nerves more so for her students. “I’m not sure what it is, but you want the world for them and in those moments you can't control anymore,” she said. “It makes their wins yours, and their losses yours so you can go back to class and work together.” She constantly strives to teach her students how to gain confidence in as many areas of dance as possible.

“The kids at DMA are so blessed because they get to work with teachers that have all different backgrounds and strengths,” Cayla said. “The knowledge and different training all being brought together is what makes DMA so unique and special.”

Cayla continues to dance with our Trifecta Dance Collective, and teach DMA students each week. We are blessed to have her on our team of artists.


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