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“Imagine a world where young dancers can share freely without the invisible barriers that exist in traditional performance settings.”

That’s the environment dancers will step into on March 17. The Trifecta Dance Collective introduces Metamorphosis: Momentum, a weekend filled with empowerment seminars, challenging master classes, and a performance opportunity in collaboration with professional dancers.

Metamorphosis: Momentum is one of the three programs of the Trifecta Dance Collective’s Metamorphosis series- Evolution, Momentum and Passageways. Momentum, specifically, is a day designed to treat the dancer as a “whole person”, not just a competitor. Momentum creators hope to encourage the appreciation and dialogue about the physical and mental sides to performance dance for middle-school-aged children. The event began as a vision to create a dance experience that brings students together.

“We wanted to shift the focus from competing to collaborating,” said Trifecta Dance Collective dancer and DMA instructor Joanna Paul. “We wanted classes to focus on deepening artistry and empowerment, in addition to technique.” Metamorphosis: Momentum creates a place for young dancers to explore the transformation they can take to continue their artistry as they get older. Whether their future includes dancing professionally or becoming a leader in some capacity, the Metamorphosis: Momentum experience supplies the tools to confidence and empowerment they will benefit from.

“Students will be taught in an atmosphere that is inclusive, non-judgmental and empowers them to try new things without fear,” said Trifecta Dance Collective dancer and DMA instructor Joanna Paul.

Rather than judges, Metamorphosis: Momentum will have adjudicators to offer constructive feedback. Dancers will not be competing against one another, rather will focus on building their performance and technique. The day will focus on empowerment and giving dancers the tools they need to “dance fearlessly”, as Joanna put it.

Joanna and her Trifecta colleagues had noticed the potential lack of community that many competitions and conventions can hold for participants. “Dancers can spend three days at a convention and never meet someone new,” said Joanna. “At Metamorphosis, dancers will be given lots of opportunities to collaborate and work with students from other schools and regions. The day culminates in a final performance.”

The Metamorphosis programming is dedicated to further promoting exposure and appreciation of other dancers and dance styles for dancers of all ages. We invite middle school-aged dancers March 17 to experience Metamorphosis: Momentum for a transformative dance and personal experience.


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