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This past month has brought exciting opportunities to our Trifecta Dance Collective. On Valentine’s Day, Trifecta dancers shared the love of the holiday at their in-studio photoshoot. The dancers posed in preparation for their show “In.Grained”, the newest project for this season which will premiere June 2nd at the Vittum Theater in Chicago.

The premise of “In.Grained” is aligned with the Trifecta mission to engage with our community. Our goal in this project is to create a piece that showcases the stories and inspiration our senior citizen participants have to share with us all. To achieve this, we met with five senior women from the Chicago area. Dance has played a role in each of these women's lives, whether it was Friday night dance halls or their parents dancing around the kitchen when they were little girls. We invited these women into the studio rehearsals and they became collaborative partners throughout the artistic process.

Our hope is to take what they learned from their generation and continue to embed those values into our generation and the generations to come. Together, we are thrilled to have made a beautiful work that shares their life stories and teachings. All are welcome to see the final product of "In.Grained" at our showcase this June.

While our Trifecta dancers have been rehearsing for “In.Grained”, our DMA dancers have been working hard for their performance season. In the spirit of the Valentine's holiday, DMA dancers shared some kind words on what they love about the Trifecta dancers.

Megan Sullivan, a protégé for the Trifecta Dance Collective’s professional company, expressed her gratitude for each and every TDC dancer’s role in her dance experience. With TDC, Megan has grown in a professional dance setting. “I really look up to the Trifecta dancers for being so modest, hard-working, and caring, while being so talented at the same time,” said Megan. “They are constantly looking for opportunities to grow, instead of putting limits on what they can accomplish.”

Daryn Macasieb, a senior dancer, said she admires the work ethic of each dancer. “The Trifecta dancers always work together to dance and perform their best,” she said. Our Trifecta dancers have certainly been working hard, and the teamwork and dedication they display to each other is inspiring. We cannot wait to share “In.Grained” with our community.


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